As a little girl, I loved helping people…

Whether I was helping my parents with watching my baby brother, who’s completely grown and successful now — proud sister alert — my grandparents at their restaurant while they were babysitting my cousin, brother and myself, or holding the door for somebody or help someone pick up their things after their bag breaks. You get the picture.

This same little girl also watched a bunch of Disney movies while growing up, and the recurring theme was that the heroine always had help on the side – Cinderella had little birds, Mulan had Mushu, her guardian dragon, and Rapunzel had Pascal, her pet chameleon, to name a few.

…but the recurring theme was that the heroine always had help on the side – Cinderella had little birds, Mulan had Mushu, her guardian dragon, and Rapunzel had Pascal, her pet chameleon.

Twenty years later, this little girl has grown to be an adult; an adult who still carries the same urgency to help people out, beginning with Little Birdies Events & Co. — a San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles based wedding and event planning business.



I’m Sharon, a Los Angeles-based event and wedding planner. I caught the event planning bug back in high school, when I was serving on the student council and organizing fundraising events. I realized that I loved working with people during my time in college at UC Davis as a member of a nationwide community service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega.

I am a San Francisco native. I would prefer tea over coffee, and have mastered the layering technique with scarves and boots. My interests range from music and performance arts to watching and playing volleyball and going on hikes. I love music and arts of all forms.


I have a background in event planning for corporate and family events, as well as a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of event planning and execution. I am self-motivated, take any tasks by the horn, and with my naturally analytically-wired talent for event planning and design, these qualities are something you can expect from every event I plan. I hope I can bring my attention to detail and cheerful disposition to make any event that you dream of come to life!

As a planner, and as a people person, my goal is to get to know you, your style and what inspires you. Together we can strategize on how to incorporate that into your next event or your big day. Want to learn more? So do I! Let’s get in touch today!